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Verdure has developed a simple and efficient financing structure for the rollout of multiple solar PV projects in aggregated portfolios. This enables developers of embedded solar PV generation to continuously expand their portfolios while optimising the use of their own equity funding.

To date, we have financed more than 170 solar PV projects with a combined installed capacity of 44MW across South Africa. The electricity generated is consumed by retail, commercial, industrial, and hospitality properties, and educational institutions. One of our larger facilities funds the roll out of solar PV and battery storage systems at a portfolio of service stations for a large multinational fuel retailer.

The solar PV projects help to reduce the consumers’ cost of electricity and assists consumers in managing the impact of loadshedding, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The 4 MW Kruisvallei Hydroelectric power plant is a small-scale run-of-river hydroelectric plant located on the Ash River between Bethlehem and Clarens. Kruisvallei is a Round 4 REIPPP project selling electricity to Eskom.
The project generates 24 GWh per annum of firm power, enough to power 1916 households, without having a significant impact on the hydrology of the river. The lead sponsor is Red Rocket; a fully integrated African Independent Power Producer.
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Two waste-to-energy projects generate biogas from RCL Foods’ effluent waste at their Worcester and Rustenburg facilities. The treatment of the waste significantly reduces the pressure on the local authorities’ wastewater treatment capacity.
The biogas is used primarily to generate electricity with heat captured to preheat water for RCL Foods’ industrial processes. The projects have a total installed capacity of 7.7MW. The projects are co-owned by Green Create, a biogas developer, and RCL Foods, one of South Africa’s largest food producers.
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